Case Studies


Hosts global X Lenos

Event Date: June 2018 


Hosts Global, a strategic partner for destination management services worldwide, hosted clients and hospitality industry professionals for their annual Hosts Global Forum. This event featured discussions, educational sessions, networking events.


Hosts needed to bring it’s event experiences into the digital age with an all inclusive platform that was easy to manage, mobile-friendly, and had systems built-in to handle on-the-fly payments.


The Hosts Global Forum wouldn’t have been possible without the … Lenos Event Marketing Cloud. The three-day 2018 conference was the launchpad for Hosts to implement the Sustainable Meeting Planning Program (SMPP), an event sustainability management system built to guide planning teams to embed sustainability throughout their entire event in accordance with international industry standards.

Hosts leveraged their event app created by Lenos, which featured security elements, including a one-touch emergency button and a mark safe feature.

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NBA x Flite 

Tapped into the NBA’s API to produce real-time video feeds and updated game information based on live playoff events.



ProctEr & Gamble X Flite

Combined user location data with influenza surveillance data to produce relevant and timely in-ad messaging.